About KK Design

We are packed with experience, driven by passion for design, and provide excellent customer service.

What we do

Delivering high-quality design solutions with your customers in mind

We are committed to creating high-quality graphic design and producing content for your business to engage your customers.

Everyone can benefit from design. Whether your goal is to educate, inspire, sell, engage, or inform, the KK Design team is here to support your needs.

We help you define your objectives, generate compelling content, and connect to your customers through design and communication. These communications can be memorable, engaging, fun, useful, urgent or really, whatever you need. Because we produce custom designs for you and your unique business.

To do this, we require a deep understand of your business’ unique goals, internal processes, functional requirements, and needs. We ask questions, analyze data, and study your customer motivations and need through an empathetic lense. Through strategy, planning, research, and craft, we solve complex problems with clear communication, accessibility, and elegance.

We deliver a brand, website, print materials, environmental design, or social presence that delights, informs, and engages your customers.

The Value

We solve problems

Simply, design leads to profit. A well designed experience leads to more revenue. We’ve been building bold, thoughtful communications for over 9 years. Our team of formally educated and professionally experienced designers are really into this stuff. Let us explain why design matters.

Design communicates.

It’s more than just good looks. Design is the thoughtful process of delivering valueable content to your customers that is both useful and enjoyable.

Design builds trust.

Visual consistency and professional design build trust and dependablility. This is achieved through a deep understanding of your needs as well as empathy for your customer’s needs.

Design sells.

And it allows you to stand out amongst sometimes crowded marketplaces.

Design influences.

Design embodies the promise that a product makes to its customer. It encourages loyalty, builds an emotional connection with customers, and influences decision-making.

Design builds emotional connections.

Building an emotional connection between your customers and your brand can allow you to influence your customer’s decision making.

Success is measurable.

Success can be measured through increased awareness, community engagement, increased revenue, customer retention and more.

Let's work together

We want to partner with you to help you achieve your business goals.

Together we define objectives, build compelling content, design a professional brand identity, and deliver consistent materials that are stunning, innovative, and memorable.

Our Clients

Our clients trust us to deliver consistent, high-quality graphic design.

We’ve assembled a team of designers, writers, developers, and strategists to support businesses and organizations, small and large, across their creative marketing needs.

We enjoy variety and learning new things so our clients’ industries range from social and civil services, education, healthcare, mission-driven non-profits, home goods, consumer products, and specialty services.

One of the coolest things about being in the creative industry is that we get to learn about each of your businesses so we can better reach your customers and meet your goals. We look at our client relationships as partnerships and are dedicated to their success.

Work with us

We are creative thinkers, problem solvers, organizers, analyzers, and builders of beautiful things.

Our remote team of designers, writers, developers, and strategists work together to support businesses and organizations, small and large, across their creative marketing and communication needs.

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