Toasted CBD

A Hemp product, family-farmed in Cecil County, Maryland. Their sustainable line of wellness products focus on quality and are officially certified by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Toasted Brand Identity

Toasted CBD is a hemp wellness product line is produced from a family owned and operated farm in Cecil County, Maryland. They came to KK Design with a request to create a professional and distinctive brand identity to match the quality of their CBD products.

With a focus on embodying the brand’s core values of natural purity, holistic wellness, and a bit of science, we developed a visual palette that resonates deeply with the contemporary consumer. Our approach blends modern aesthetics with a nod to a natural color palette and the shape of the CBD chemical compound.

Our meticulous attention to detail in building this brand identity works not only to set Toasted CBD apart in a competitive market, but also establishes a strong, emotional connection with its audience, promising an experience that’s not just consumed but felt and remembered.


Logo System
Typography, Color, Icons
Brand Guidelines
Product Packaging

Creative Design

Kristin Hansen

photo of Dylan in a field and a close up of hemp plant

Visual Identity

To create a versatile logo set that is scalable, memorable, and professional. The palette is comprised of moody colors, and modern typography.

Toasted logo black
Toasted color palette
Toasted logo cream
Toasted logo CBD tagline
Toasted icon mark
Toasted icon mark with Soil to Oil tagline
logo mark

Product Packaging

With the completion of the brand elements and color palette, we worked together to select bottles and jars for packaging the product and developed label designs.

Each product should feel like a consistent part of the design system, while having a visual styling of their own. With consumable products like these, there are certain legal standards that must be met including nutrition facts, ingredients, instructions, disclaimers, and QR codes.

tincture labels
Toasted CBD gummy packaging
Toasted CBD gummy packaging
Toasted CBD gelcap and ointment packaging